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Tennis Betting – The Latest Craze in Online Betting

After horse betting and football betting, the latest sport to catch the attention of online betters is tennis. Online Tennis betting is fast gaining popularity and one of the most thrilling and profitable betting sports. The game by itself is very interesting and it also has a lot of in-play betting opportunities to keep players enthralled and addicted. Tennis betting is a sport that is played all through the year and is not seasonal, unlike many other sports.

Professional betters are well prepared with all the information about which are the best bets to make and which ones are going to be the most lucrative. ‘Live betting’ is fast catching on and one can see really huge profits that are doing the rounds even for players who have hardly been heard of.

Another reason why this sport is gaining popularity amongst the younger lot is that tennis betting is actually quite simple and easy and really does not need too much of a technical know-how. There are seasoned and professional betters who bet purely with the intention of winning. All they do is a bit of homework by studying previous race cards and past scores of the players. There are special tennis expert tipsters who especially provide tips to clients to help keep them clued up and right at the top.

To know more about strategies on how to do tennis betting, here are some valuable tips and guidelines-

Form of the Player Tennis rankings given for the top 100 players is what matters to tennis professionals and also those who do betting on tennis players. While selecting a player to back on in a tennis match, you need to research about both his past and present form and also how he has been performing in the recent past. Know more about his track record, past injuries, his temperament and also his present health conditions. All these factors have a great influence on the game of a player. Sudden wins and sudden losses also should be taken into account along with the reason for the win or loss.

Interpreting Player Statistics Another important aspect to track is the past performance of the player you are backing with the current opponent, you must have statistics of all the previous matches played and also what was the trend of the scores, how many wins, how many losses and how many draws are also important. Head -to- heads records is another important statistic that holds value in the market.

Watch for player styles When you are for in-play betting it's very important to see how players react in specific situations. There have been occasions when despite playing brilliantly after a break is served the player suddenly loses control and his scores on the board start dropping. The style of whether a player tends to make up after having his serve broken or after how many attempts he gets his serve back whether he desperately tries to break the opponents serve are all important points that need to be noted.

Select a player who is not a current favorite Selecting players who are sure to win may sometime not fetch you as good returns as you may want to get. Going against the crowd and the momentum can prove to be very beneficial when you are betting. This is also known as betting against the odds and can really be very profitable if everything goes well. This betting against the odds especially works well as far as women’s tennis tournaments go. Women players are often said to be weaker as compared to their male counterparts and this especially holds true in the context of service breaks. If a woman player continues to hold her serve right in the 3rd set or so, she is a clear winner.

Tennis betting is very erratic and can often throw up short odds. If one desires to improve their profits significantly it is very important to keep player form, past history and also physical fitness in mind while choosing a player to back. Backing players who have relatively smaller stakes are more beneficial for getting heftier profits. Tennis betting is a fast catching up as one of the most profitable gambling options and there are many top and reliable online betting websites to try out your luck like https://www.monsterbet.co.uk/ which offer great tennis betting options, for a wonderful and profitable game.

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